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Digital training for entrepreneurs


Photo – YB Dato’ Seri Idris bin Jusoh, Minister of Education II (with headphones) tries out the latest features at the Reading Zone during the launch of the first Samsung IoT Academy at UTeM.

Digital training for entrepreneurs

Universiti Teknikal Malaysia  Melaka (UTeM), in collaboration with Samsung, has started the Internet of Things (IoT) Academy.
Samsung Malaysia Electronics’ Roh Jae said:  “We selected UTeM as the maiden location as it is the premier technical university in Malaysia, which drives continuous innovation and technological advancements. Thus, it is appropriate that UTeM is the pioneer for the ‘Internet of Things’ concept and also hosts the first Samsung IoT Academy.”

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He said IoT Academy’s training modules included sessions on the latest operating and hardware systems such as Magic Info and Knox that run on Smart Signage and mobile devices respectively.

The latest Samsung devices will be available for use in teaching these modules that are customised and co-developed by UTeM and Samsung Malaysia, added Roh Jae.

In addition to digital training, there will also be workshops and seminars involving established entrepreneurs who will share their knowledge and experience to inspire the future generation of innovators. “This is certainly an important milestone as we believe the Samsung IoT Academy will inspire and open doors for the young generation to be exposed and well trained as technopreneurs,” he added.


The first of its kind in the world,this academy will expose local university students to emerging technologies and enable them to undergo training on software (cyber security applications for Android devices) and hardware development (for new Samsung IoT-enabled products).

For the techies, myself included, the UTeM-Samsung IoT academy is pretty cool. The ‘Internet of Things’ is seen as the next big thing in the technology world which focuses on enabling products to communicate with each other to make our lives easier. Samsung has pledged more than US$100 million for IoT-related efforts worldwide, and expects all its products to be IoT-enabled by 2020.

Imagine walking into the shower with the perfect water temperature and not having to toggle any levers.

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