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iCare: Rehab with Hope – Connected bio-feedback wheelchair



Seamlessly connecting patients, therapists, managers and various stakeholder of the rehabilitation centre not only can help to streamline the care processes but also improve the patient care both quantitatively and qualitatively. The implementation of biofeedback therapy on patient undergoing rehabilitation on wheelchair, having difficulty in walking, required the automatic collection of relevant bio-signal for subsequently monitoring and feedback. Connecting the bio-signals collected by additional sensors attached to the wheelchair to the cloud processing server can be achieved easily with the matured Internet of Things (IoT) enabled technologies and platforms. Useful feedback information such as biopsycho-statistics of manual wheelchair propulsion by the patient undergoes the therapy and level of achievement with respect to the activities planned by the therapists can then be seamlessly accessed by relevant stakeholder. The social engagement and rehabilitation experience of the patient can also be shared through the created wheelchair community.


iCare is an IoT enabled wheelchair healthcare platform proposed by the group of highly motivated computer science and engineering students of Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM). The proposed system, connected bio-feedback wheelchair, allow the therapist to set the goals and activities for each of the patients on the wheelchair undergo the rehabilitation process and assess the goal and statistics both quantitatively and qualitatively. A wheelchair experiences sharing and caring corner will be created with the installation of ambient wheelchairs sensing interactive display.

proposed Appdaily statistic and SOS button

UTeM team members:

Leader Tan Hung Chang (Computer Engineering)
Yusof Bin Yunus (Master in Electronic Engineering)
Shia Chia Siong (Wireless Engineering)
Aaron Wong Chin Pau (Computer Engineering)
Low Qi Wei (Artificial Intelligence)

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