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Intelligent Bus Tracker using smartphone based on IoT for Smart Campus

The advanced of technology has bring us to the future where all devices and information connected together through internet. One of innovation is Internet of Things (IoT) where all of our information can be uploaded to cloud database then it can be access by everyone in every time. This IoT give good benefit to human kind for example like giving information about bus arrival.

In some developing country the bus arrival time can not be same with the schedule because of infrastructure, driver skills or transportation system on each country. In campus environment this problem can be happen too. For example when bus does not go as schedule time,  or when there is unexpected event occur like traffic jams take a long time for bus to arrive and the effect is students as passenger will be waiting longer. So based on this problem we propose a system using  smartphone to avoid those issue from repeated.

In this project we will propose one implementation of IoT on smart campus with Intelligent Bus Tracker System. In summary, the  users are able to receive frequently bus position in real-time because bus will send a notification of the current location trough GPS smartphone enable to cloud database. The Algorithm to make this project is first we encoded google map with polilyne algorithm that allows us to store a series of coordinates as a single string.  After that we use djikstra algorithm for shortest path to calculate route and arrival time.

Business Process Application


How to calculate route is from the bus coordinate?

 The application will calculate user coordination from bus shelter. For example, when A waiting at Shelter A1 then application will find nearest bus from Shelter A1. The condition is A marked from the point she or he at the Shelter to the destination. The application will mark the bus that will take A to the destination. But if there is another bus with different destination around A shelter, the application will no show time when A bus coming.

The another process is bus only send it coordinate to the apps. This result can be processed to another result like show countdown time in user application environment, bus position on map route and arrival estimate time.

Mobile UI Pattern – Flow Chart


The Advantage of BUS Tracking System

1 Show Bus Route
2 Show Maps that consist of several  bus shelter
3 Show Bus on the map
4 Show list of bus shelter
5 Show countdown of bus arrival time
6 Give authentication with login form
7 Provide registration to new user


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