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Technical University of Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) had held a two-weeks Markethon for its engineering students during semester break. It is crucial to equip students themselves with skills and attributes that will make them competitive in the job market. In this Makerthon, students had designed and made a personal transporter. This experiential learning process had prepared them to endure the challenging environment in the E&E industry.

The training was started from 11th until 29th January 2016 which held in Samsung IoT Academy, Faculty of Engineering Technology(FTK). Those participants were being selected by TalentCorp Malaysia and DreamCatcher which was founded to provide Technical Training for those shortlisted candidates in Electrical and Electronics industry. The students were from Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE), Faculty of Electronic and Computer Engineering (FKEKK), Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering (FKP), and Faculty of Engineering Technology (FTK), total of them were 30 students.

In the program, students had learnt essential skills to make a product (a personal transporter), brainstorm design ideas in a team, develop a prototype, and compete for the best product design.

During the intensive training, those students were being taught by professional trainer in an interactive ways. They were having tutorial sessions together with the hands-on practical in order for them to have a comprehensive understanding for this short training. The practical sessions were imperative for students as they would not just only understand the theory taught but also use their innovative, creative and critical thinking which were highly demanded by industry.








After 12 days of training, participants were required to form their own team and work together to come out with a product. There were six teams in total and each team included of 5 people. They were given three days to complete their own product and those products were being judged on the last day. On the closing ceremony of Markethon, the winner were received RM 500 Tesco voucher as their prize and the other participants were encouraged to strive more harder as the real situations in industry would be more competitive.





The winner team members.

19  3


During Project Pitching Day, companies have been invited to assess students’project. They have had opportunity to interact and connect with these potential employers.

After closing ceremony, there was a short career talk conducted by the representative of companies from NXP, On Semiconductor, Tan Chong, Panasonic, and ST Microelectronics to interview the participants. The participants were having a great chance to grab a job right after they graduate for this coming June.

18 interview list


The students were waiting for the interview.

Despite the training was conducted during the semester holiday, all the participants were having a great time. They had fully utilised their holiday to polish up both their professional skills and soft skills, they also used wisely used their time to engage with professional people in the same field of industry. We do believe that UTeM truly has talent and that talents of all backgrounds will be able to find meaningful professional opportunities in Malaysia.






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