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Samsung Solve For Tomorrow Malaysia 2015

Samsung Malaysia Solve for Tomorrow

Samsung Malaysia Solve for Tomorrow

Samsung held the Malaysia’s first Solve For Tomorrow competition in 2015. The competition challenges university students for solutions on everyday issues facing by Malaysians.

The Solve For Tomorrow competition is open to public and private university students nationwide and received 108 submissions from 16 universities.

20 student teams were shortlisted to present their prototypes at the finale of

Samsung Solve For Tomorrow, themed as a Learning Festival, held at the White Box @ Publika. They are required to outline a cause or problem, develop a solution and submit a working prototype.

Top 10 finalists had five minutes to pitch their ideas and working prototypes, plus five minute Q&A session with the judges:

  • Mr. Ken Ding, Head of Product Innovation, South East Asia & Oceania, Samsung Electronics
  • Prof. Madya Dr. Arham Abdullah, Director, Industry Relations at the Ministry of Education
  • Encik Rushdi Abdul Rahim, Senior Vice President, MiGHT (Malaysia Industry-Government Group for High Technology)
  • Mr. Tan Eng Hoo, Founder & Vice President, MyTRIZ
  • Encik Mohd Yazid bin Sairi, Assistant Director, Industry Relations, at the Ministry of Higher Education

The top three prize winners will join the Learning Trip to South Korea and spend time with key minds at Samsung headquarters’ key minds who will share their expertise, insights, and learning

The top three winning teams also received an internship at Samsung Malaysia and Samsung devices, as well as sharing an RM60,000 seed grant to improve and advance their prototypes.

Solve For Tomorrow by Samsung offers a platform for students to experience a technopreneur’s journey and get their prototypes market ready.

“With Solve For Tomorrow, Malaysian students can take an active stance in making a positive change for all through using their ideas and creativity with technology. We want to support the Government’s focus on a holistic approach to education, through the emphasis of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics,” said Mr Lee Sang Hoon, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

“Innovation in Education” learning forum was also held at the same day with a panel of key opinion leaders and experts in innovation and technology including Dr. Amani Salim, lecturer at International Islamic University Malaysia specialising in nanotechnology, and Dato’ IR Hong Lee Pee, President of AAET (ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology) who discussed on whether key stakeholders were doing enough to encourage students to embrace innovation and the spirit of technopreneurship to take them through life.

Top 20 finalists

Samsung Malaysia Solve for Tomorrow winners

Samsung Malaysia Solve for Tomorrow winners

  • Android based Wheelchair Controller (UTeM Melaka) — Control the movements of a wheelchair with control box via the bluetooth connection using an Android device.
  • Flex Controlled Electrical Wheelchair (TARUC Selangor) — Uses a flex sensor to detect the bending motion of the finger to control the motion of the wheelchair.
  • Lower Extremity Exoskeleton (LEE) Dev (TARUC Selangor) — the fully mechanical LEE to assist old folks to stand or walk for a long period of time.
  • Interactive & Portable Rehabilitation for the Disabled (IPRD) (Monash Selangor) — wireless game controller using muscle contractions (Surface EMG) to improve and track users’ physiotherapy.
  • Portable Knee Rehabilitation System (KDU Penang) — Prototype with muscle sensors to help patients’ knee muscle training to prevent further injuries and send data to the physiotherapist to analyze.
  • i-Beacon Bike Security Checker (UTeM) — A security device for a bicycle which send the notification to owner’s phone when vibration sensor is triggered.
  • Baby Care Alert System with 1Sheeld (UTem Melaka) — a safety pad that sense the presence of the child in the child car seat and send notification to smartphone and keychain alarm device when parents are outside the safety pad’s RF signal range.
  • Real-Time Web-Based Security Guard Monitoring System (UTeM) — Modernize guard touring by deploying NFC tags along patrol routes and use mobile devices to send real-time data on activities to a centralized monitoring web system.
  • Customizable Triage Decision Support System (cTDSS) (UiTM Shah Alam) — assists physicians at a high level of abstraction supported by functionalities designed to facilitate them to directly create, maintain and use the complex knowledge tailored for triage decision making.
  • E-Shape: Interactive Application to Learning Basic Shape for Autism Kids (UNIMAS Kuching) — supplement material for autism kids to learn, recognie and remember the basic shapes.
  • Android Based Disease Monitoring (UNIMAS) — an application to provide community real-time and anytime accessible disease alerts from reliable resources with a strong prediction model.
  • Speech Therapy Game Mobile Application for Speech & Language Impairment (SLI) Pre-School Children (UNIMAS) — Application for SLI to learn correct Malay phonetics pronunciations in an interactive ways.
  • 6-Sense (KDU Penang) — 6-Sense use infrared light technology to detects blood glucose under the skin by illumination, without retrieving blood from a patient.
  • Smart electricity usage monitoring system (UiTM Shah Alam) — A device to measure power consumption and converts it into real-time cost in Ringgit Malaysia, plus a consumption cost limit alert.
  • Smart Lighting System (UiTM Shah Alam) — intelligently controls the light of a household to save on total electric consumption.
  • Insects’ Zapper (TARUC Selangor) — Bendable insect zapper improve efficiency to catch flying insects.
  • Mosquito Buster (UNITEN) — The prototype to get rid of mosquitos in a large are using the combination of water and organic pesticide with the aid of a humidifier.
  • Tipping Flush (UNITEN Selangor) — the new flushing reservoir has a trapezium-like-shape water compartment, the tank will be loaded with water & smart handle is utilized for flushing.
  • Portable OREF System (UTeM Melaka) — portable ice system could be brought while traveling in a long run by car plus picnic occasion could also be easier as this product could contain and cold up.
  • Automatic Flight Termination System for Autonomous Fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UPM Selangor) — To further enhance the aircraft effectiveness and reliability especially in carrying lightweight, expensive remote-sensing equipment such as hyperspectral cameras, an automatic flight termination system is proposed.

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