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UTeM-Guocera Tile Industries Collaboration

21 April 2016 – Guocera Holdings,  A Member of the Hong Leong Group, led by Mr Murugahia Tiruganasambathan ( Head of Human Resources ) has visited  Office for Industry and Community Network, UTeM for a discussion with Director of Industry Liaison Centre, Prof. Dr Goh Ong Sing.  The meeting also attended by representatives from Faculty of  Engineering Technology, Mr Shahrudin Zakaria and Assoc. Professor Dr. Jariah Mohamad Juoi from Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss university-industry cooperation and to explore the possibilities of the university internship at Guocera Holdings and  possible research industry-university collaboration grants such as MyLAB, TechnoFund and InnoFund. Two possible researches collaboration has been identified during the meeting.

Dr. Jariah Mohamad has presented her research product called “Green Innovative Glass ceramic (GIG) tile“.  GIG tile is produced from waste glass and industrial wastes.  The waste materials involve are soda lime silicate glass (waste glass arising from domestic use such as bottles and container), spent bleach earth from oil palm refineries industries and incinerated ash of oil sludge from petrochemical industries. The production of this product would add value to the waste produced in our society.  It saves natural raw materials and recycling waste into marketable product. Moreover, it reduce land requirement for waste disposal and innovate new practice of waste glass recycling. Quality of the product is of increased mechanical strength compared to those in the market and produced at lower cost.  This is due to the microstructure developed based on sinter crystallization mechanism during viscous flow sintering at lower temperature. Experimental results had also shown that the tiles are compatible with antimicrobial coating leading to a self-cleaning property.   Prototype of glass ceramic tile with sizes similar to product available in current market had been developed and the performance of the glass ceramic tiles are evaluated for heavy duty domestic application. It is aimed to be a pioneer for green tag tiles product for application such as floor tiles, wall tiles and path way paving.

Another product called “Malacca-eco-Stylish-Tiles (MeSTi) – Recycled Plastic Wall Tile” by Dr Raja Izamshah Raja Abdullah from  Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering  also have potential in collaborating with Guocera Holdings.  According to Dr Raja Izamshah, the name of the invention  “MeSTi”  is a short form for Malacca-eco-Stylish-Tiles. The uniqueness of “MeSTi” tiles are it’s made from 100% recycle High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) bottle such as liquid detergent bottle, bucket, house appliances, etc. which halved the costs of the conventional tiles without compromise the performances. “MeSTi” tiles are light in weight, tough, excellent impact and water resistance, durable, good sliding and damping properties make it as a ‘MUST’ choice for new home builder. The stylish luxurious pattern and texture design of “MeSTi” tiles conveying elegance and tranquility to create custom experience. Compared with conventional tiles, its only require two manufacturing step to fabricate “MeSTi” tiles which consist of shredding the recycle HDPE bottle and molded in a hot press machine. The product website can be accessed from

During a discussion, Mr Murugahia has expressed  their  interest  to  establishing or further developing collaborative relationships with UTeM  including internship programme and research  innovation work or to support the development of the higher-level skills of their current and future employees. The discussion ended with a visit to Faculty of  Engineering Technology labs and workshops accompanied by Mr Shahrudin Zakaria.

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